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hair salon orange park fl

Bleach Please has hand picked stylists from all over Jacksonville and surrounding areas who are creative, patient and driven to be the best at what they do. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than other salons in the area.


Our Salon is conveniently located at 

1560 Wells Rd Ste 108

Orange Park, FL 


Serving all of Duval County, St. Johns County, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park , Middleburg, Fleming Island FL, Palm Valley, Fruit Cove,  and those living in zip codes 32232, 32258, 32259, 32257, 32223, 32277, 32266, 32260, 32259, 32258,32257, 32256, 32255, 32254, 32250, 32247, 32246, 32245, 32245, 32241, 32222, 32068, 32065, 32003, 32232, 32258, 32259, 32257, 32223, 32277, 32266, 32260, 32259, 32258,32257, 32256, 32255, 32254, 32250, 32247, 32246, 32245, 32245, 32241, 32073

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Bumble and Bumble

The amplification of individuality and supporting all journeys of self-expression.
And a fierce passion for celebrating all hair types, textures, and style preferences.

Always learning. Always taking action toward a better future.

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"Heather Pyne is the best. She truly loves her job and it shows. My color and cut is always what I want. She listens, offers suggestions and is always professional. I would highly recommend her. In addition, Bleach Please gives back to their community. Best salon in Orange Park FL."


"This place is fantastic! Don't get me wrong as they are all great. It's just that I've been with Heather for more than a decade now and going strong. It's great knowing that you can sit in a chair, close your eyes, and give your total trust in the one styling your hair to a wonderful outcome. She has a keen eye for color and knows what she is doing. Bleach Please hands down is awesome. The girls (all of them) are friendly and make you feel like you're at home with them (like family). Just wish that they were closer to my neck of the woods. So as you can read here, my drive is more than the norm and so worth every mile. Way to go, Bleach Please. Keep it up and your humor alive. Never a dull moment.  :) BTW: Because they are so good, it's best that you make an appointment ahead of time. Most are always booked from start to finish so don't get discouraged if they can't squeeze you in if you pop in for a quick cut. Think of trying to get a great table at a popular establishment on a Friday night around 6PM and being told you have to wait. Good things come to those that wait, right?"

"Number 1 hair salon in Orange Park"
"Would not go anywhere else!"
"Best stylists in the area!"

"This salon is awesome!! Everyone there is super knowledgeable including the desk staff. I am always happy when I leave. I feel like my stylist listens to me and takes my choices into consideration while still offering me her professional opinion. Everyone there is great!! Make an wont be sorry."


"I have been going to Bleach Please since they opened. I have seen a few different stylists when my stylist hasn't been available and have never received a bad service. In the past few years I have seen the salon grow and I am happy to see the changes. I definetly recommend this salon to friends and family. They are the best salon in Jacksonville FL."


"I have been going to these stylists for about 4 years. I look forward to my hair appointment every time! It is a nice, relaxing atmosphere. I am always asked what I would like done, and it always turns out the way I like it! I do pay slightly more there than some other salons. But to me, it is worth the price for a great final product!"



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